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F.A.C.T. Cleaning

Contact : Wouter Vander Putten

Mobile : 0492 / 59 10 30
e-mail : wouter@fact-cleaning.com

facebook : /factcleaning

Chevauchoire de Viane 154
7864 Deux-Acren
BTW BE0715 962 344

How it started…

After a fruitfull career of 18 years at Colruyt (of which 8 years in industrial cleaning) Wouter Vander Putten decided to start-up F.A.C.T. Cleaning.
F = Flexibel A = Allround C = Cleaning T = Trust.

F.A.C.T. manages to differentiate by: 

  • the development of own techniques
  • our long-term vision
  • durability
  • our commitment to create partnership and win-win situations
  • thinking along with our partners to achieve the most efficient solution

We succeed being a very competitive player on the general cleaning market.


  • Classic cleaning of offices and business premises
  • Classic cleaning of private homes, both periodically and once
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Glass wax
  • Cleaning and maintenance of roofs
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Facade cleaning
  • Site and parking maintenance
  • PlacING pigeon protection
  • Carpet cleaning with carbon dioxide or classic way
  • Renovation and maintenance of parquet floors
  • Deep cleaning and maintenance of linoleum floors including the application of protective layers
  • Cleaning for completion of new construction or after
    renovation works
  • Emptying of premises
  • Placing tetra-paper for protection floors
  • ETC…


Industrial Cleaning

  • Dedusting of warehouses and installations
  • Degreasing floors and machines
  • Cleaning kitchen installations
  • Cleaning of industrial hood systems
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Major cleaning after new construction or refurbishment of industrial and residential buildings
  • Crisis cleaning after calamities, such as fire, water leaks, power failures, etc …
  • Technical services: handyman service, technical maintenance
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of trailers (food industry)


Cleaning and maintenance of roofs

  • Cleaning and clearing of gutters
  • Cleaning and demisting of roofs
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Put pigeon protection


Facade cleaning and maintenance

  • High-pressure cleaning of facades
  • Removing green deposits and moss on facades
  • Post-treatment to prevent moss and green deposits
  • Remove graffiti
  • Cleaning advertising panels, banners, …
  • Cleaning large glass windows
  • Cleaning awnings


Maintenance of sites and car parks

  • Periodic maintenance of car parks of retail chains, companies, …
  • Green maintenance of car parks: pruning work and treatment against weeds
  • Cleaning car parks with a high-pressure car
  • Periodic maintenance and servicing of tank and service stations
  • Canopy cleaning of filling stations
  • Removal of oil spores and leaks of hydraulic origin


Our objective remains F.A.C.T. expanding in a calm but secure way to become a highly reliable partner for the industrial and tertiary sector in Belgium.

As a small player on the market, we can only achieve this by continuing to invest in people and resources. We must also strive for the highest possible efficiency and quality of our work.
The satisfaction of our customers will continue to be our only parameter to the quality of our company in the future.


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